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Public Forums

Public Forums are held from time to time and are targeted at individuals and/or consumers who are experiencing unmet transport needs.   They can be convened anywhere demand is such that holding the session is viable.

In recent times the focus of TDSA’s public forums has been on helping people with disabilities and/or their carers or family to understand their transport entitlements from the NDIS and how to navigate its complex system so their support plan and budget is the best it can be.

The resources from past public forums can be accessed by clicking on the title of the forum then entering the password provided at the session

  1. Maximising your NDIS Participant support plan
  2. Win Win client dispute resolution
  3. NDIS Payment Requests through MyPlace Portal
  4. NDIS The Planning Meeting
  5. NDIS Dissatisfaction with Planning Interview
  6. NDIS: Preparing for the NDIS interview