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Transport related assistance / subsidy schemes

There are a number of government programs set up specifically to assist with transport issues – including cost, accessibility, parking – for a number of purposes/reasons.

Below is a listing of such schemes and links to each program’s guidelines, forms etc.

This information can assist you to self-help in finding a solution to your specific issue.

Schemes / programs include:

Taxi Subsidy Scheme

Translink Access Pass

Vision Impairment Travel Pass

Companion card

Carer Business Discount Card

Travel Trainer Card

TPI/EDA Veteran Travel Card

Disability Parking Permit – individual

Concessional registration – various options

Vehicle modifications scheme costs of which may be included in your NDIS support plan if you are NDIS eligible under the Assistance Technology area

School transport assistance scheme (STAS)

Non-State School Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS)

Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme – Dept Health