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"Assisting with addressing the need for transport, access and mobility"


In House Staff Training

Fixed price, in-house staff training on mandatory and non-mandatory topics is available. 

Example topics:

  • Client Abuse, neglect and exploitation

  • Professional Boundaries

  • Duty of Care

  • Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Governance

  • WH&S responsibilities

  • and more

  • AND we can develop topics in response to your specific need at no additional cost

Each session is mapped to HSQF, ACNC & Common Care standards’ frameworks 

Want to know more? 

Please contact Jenny –


With the transition from TDSA Inc. to TDSA Ltd. we have a restructured website to make it a lot clearer for those we support, both individuals and agencies.

The biggest change is in the menu options; there is now a specific tab for individuals and one for agencies, so that the relevant information for each is more easily located. 

Each tab has a series of subfolders for the support services TDSA provides. Clicking on these  will take you to the items of interest.

We hope that the new layout makes finding the assistance or information you need clearer.

If you are having any trouble in finding what you need please phone or email us for help at or on (07) 38494193.







Our specially designed menu page for Individuals has 3 ways to access self help information. By clicking on the following categories, you will have access to a range of resources.

  1. Fact Sheets – Information on wheelchairs and mobility scooters on public transport, Disability parking permits, Driving and dementia and Assessing fitness to drive to name just a few

  2. Directories – A range of community service details from various locations in Queensland

  3. Transport Related Assistance/subsidy schemes – links to information on the various schemes available, information which can assist you to self help in finding a solution to your specific issue.