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Transport Access under NDIS


Arising from TDSA’s Thinking BIG Symposium in March 2017 focused on the transport component within the NDIS.   This followed a similarly focused Symposium held in 2016. TDSA hears from both people with disabilities, their support agencies and transport-only community transport organisations stories of the inequity and inequality of the application of  NDIS policy in relation to transport.

This inequity and inequality is both in terms of across the State as the scheme is rolled out and within each region across time from roll-out implementation; let alone the differences evident across Australian states and territories.  These concerns led TDSA to bring together interested and concerned persons to form a working party to lobby a range of stakeholders in relation to the inequity and inequality of transport access by participants under the NDIS.

Click here to download a copy of the Terms of Reference (Manifesto)

Transport Access under NDIS working party

We’re an alliance of representative groups, organisations and people with disabilities who identify major issues with transport access under the NDIS in Qld.

Our key message

Transport THE enabler for NDIS participant’s goals

Our Issues

  1. NDIS participants are losing out on choice and control of their goals and plans.
  2. Inflexible and inconsistent application of national policy determination that transport included in core supports can be used flexibly by the participant
  3. Disparity both across Qld and within a NDIA region over time in how ‘transport’ is ‘handled’ within the participant planning meeting and subsequently when implementing the agreed plan.

Achievements in addressing issues (click on date to download a copy)

Press releases and notices to Federal politicians since Oct 2018 – click here


  • Joint Senate Standing Committee on NDIS acceptance of halfway report – March 2019
  • Response from Paul Fletcher MP – March 2019
  • Response from Paul Fletcher MP, Minister for Families and Social Services – February 2019
  • Response from Lou O’Neill on behalf of the Hon Sarah Henderson MP, Assistant Minister for Social Services, Housing and Disability Services – March 2019
  • Compilation of online Survey results at halfway mark   December 2018
  • Meeting with NDIA CEO – August 2018
  • NDIS School Transport –  July 2018
  • Meet with Joint Senate Standing Committee NDIS  in Canberra to lodge submission 47 – June 2018
  • Office of Public Trustee (State) – March 2018
  • Office of Public Guardian (State) – March 2018
  • Mail out of Submission to all Members of Parliament  Federal, and Queensland Governments, plus each State and Territory Premieres – March 2018

Want to know more?

If an agency or a worker in the field and you have any issues, please contact:

Subcommittee Chairperson: Terry O’Toole


Phone:  07-38494193

If you are a parent or a person with disabilites and have any issues you wish to raise about the NDIS, go to facebook page:     NDIS Grassroots