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TDSA Conference Videos

TDSA’s biennial conferences aim to inform and shape policy development and decision making in Queensland at local, regional and state program and government levels.

Each conference provides an opportunity for policy makers, planners, program managers, service providers, community organisations and consumer advocates to explore a topical issue that’s focused on enabling social inclusion and reducing transport disadvantage.  Prior to 2007, TDSA conferences were co-convened with QCOSS under one of its pre-merger entity (Unmet Transport Needs Forum).

Below are the videod Keynote Speaker’s presentations.  Apologies for the quality of video recording which can vary.

Click on the item and the link will take you to Youtube or University Podcasts:

2011 conference –  “Micro Transit;   What? Where? Why?  Influencing the way forward”

Dr Karen Lucas,  Senior Research Fellow, Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford, UK

2009 conference –  “Business of Community-Responsive Transport: Making it Pay”

David Malone Part 1,   Green Transport & Staff Benefits Advisor  – Travel Planning Newcastle Hospitals (UK),               22 mins

David Malone Part 2,   Travel Planning Newcastle Hospitals (UK),  2009 TDSA conference    23 mins

David Malone Part 3,   Travel Planning Newcastle Hospitals (UK),  2009 TDSA conference    22 mins

2007 TDSA conference – “Closing the Gaps: Local Transport Solutions in Action”  

Katherine Freund Part 1, President & Executive Director, ITNAmerica,   22 mins

Katherine Freund Part 2,   23 mins

Katherine Freund Part 3,  22 mins

Professor Graham Currie, Chair of Public Transport, Institute of Transport Studies, Monash University, Australia  – powerpoints