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Self-help guide to door-to-door services

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TDSA has developed 4 self-help guides to assist you in improving transport, access and mobility by giving you the knowledge and lessons learnt in developing the particular transport response that is focus of each guide.

 A door-to-door transport response offers a solution to people who live within your agency’s determined geographic area for this response, the opportunity to have an affordable means of transport, on a regular basis, to a destination(s) decided by your agency as best responding to identified need.

The manual step the user through what needs to be done to create this transport response, sharing the collective wisdom of other agencies that have developed and used this response.

How this solution ends up looking in any given community will vary as all elements of the response are entirely the decision of your agency.

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$25.00  /  $45.00           + $5 for postage & handling

All 4 self-help Guides  $90  /  $180

Payment options

1.  Cheque: Made payable to Transport Development & Solutions Alliance

2.  Direct credit: Transport Development & Solutions Alliance, BSB: 633000      Acc. No. 138239199