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“Co-ordinated Transport for the Community” (Report)

This report comprises a report and ‘fact sheets’, each of which is aimed at addressing needs identified during this consultancy. It was intended that this report build on the work by Shirley Watters in the Going Place (TRACS) Report, specifically recommendation 3 – “to produce a resource manual for community transport” (1996: page ix). Queensland-based Community Transport Organisations (CTOs) were reviewed because the role, impact and implementation of HACC and Queensland Transport’s public policy differs across the states of Australia.It is also important to understand that the term “community transport organisations” (CTOs) when used in this report refers to those organisations whose only business is to provide transport.

This report primarily focuses on fundamental decisions regarded by this author as critical in determining the shape and nature of the services offered by a community transport organisation. It concludes with information about the models of support which in combination,or individually, can address unmet needs for transport. The report is expected to be of most use to Management Committees and Coordinators/Managers of services involved in planning.

The fact sheets aim to provide more specific information and potential contacts relating to the six major issues the majority of CTOs reportedly find the most complex.
J.Leigh & Associates, 2009




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