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“Auto Motives” (Hardback)

Auto Motives: Understanding Car Use Behaviours

A large part of the popularity of automobiles is that they allow us to decide when and where we travel and to control our micro-environments while we do so. While the individual benefits of car-based travel are significant, the wider environmental and social costs of automobiles also are apparent and the need for political intervention to control some of their worst effects is increasingly accepted within policy circles internationally.

Our global reliance on private automobiles as the primary means for transporting individuals is likely to  become increasingly problematic over the next ten to 20 years. International traffic forecasts suggest that the total number of private automobiles will grow from  approximately 800 million in 2002 to more than two billion in 2030. At the same time, lack of automobility leads to social exclusion and hinders positive economic outcomes for many segments of society.

It is within this context that  Auto Motives critically evaluates the evidence for better understanding of “what drives us to drive?”   Uniquely, it draws together and explains the diverse theoretical literatures that pertain to people’s auto motives and considers these theories in the light of empirical research of what actually informs our automobile decisions and behaviours. With contributions from  leading academic experts from around the world, its core arguments and narratives are presented to offer widespread appeal to a wide-ranging audience.

The book is aimed at students, researchers, policymakers and practitioners from a growing spectrum of disciplines with an interest in understanding the motivations and decision processes underpinning the public’s overwhelming preference for the car as the primary means of people-based movement. We hope that it will help to encourage further dialogue, interaction and future research collaborations on this important topic.

Editors:   Karen Lucas, Evelyn Blumenberg and Rachel Weinberger, 2011

ISBN: 9780857242334

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