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“Transport Co-ordinator Role” (e-Book)


A Transport Coordinator’s (TC) role is relatively new in Queensland with the term first being used in 2000 and is based on the same title position created in the UK in the late 1990s. While the job title is different, the role is also congruent with the Transport Coordinator’s role developed in the mid-1990s in the Northern Rivers District of New South Wales, Australia.

Transport Coordinators have a particular role which is different to, but very similar in approach to a Community Development Worker who is focused on transport issues. Essentially, the job title “Transport Coordinator” can be seen as reflecting the desired outcome/result of the role’s work.This will help your organisation understand what is involved in the Transport Coordinator’s role and the critical success factors that keep this worker focused. For you, the worker, it gives a detailed understanding of the role’s underpinnings.

This E-book outlines discussions on the main difference between a Community Development Worker and a Transport Coordinator, Key responsibilities and duties of the TC position, the values framework such a role requires and the support processes (e.g. professional supervision, performance appraisal and review) that must surround this worker to ensure continued effectiveness.

J Leigh & Associates, 2009

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