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“Talking Teamwork – A Teambuilding Toolkit”

Talking Teamwork: A Teambuilding Toolkit contains over 50 activities designed to promote meaningful discussion and interaction in relation to the following aspects of teambuilding and teamwork:

* knowing and understanding one another as individuals and team members

* establishing a sense of unity – defining the team’s identity, mission and purpose working together effectively as a team

* planning for success

* inspiring and motivating exceptional performance

* appreciating and celebrating contributions to team achievement.Unlike many other books about teambuilding and teamwork

Rather, as the word ‘toolkit’ implies, it includes a range of activities and ideas that you can select from and use to develop the key skills that underpin teamwork, as appropriate to your team’s needs and stage of development – with the overarching aim being to assist team members in cultivating relationships and working styles that are productive, sustainable and mutually-rewarding.

Talking Teamwork: A Teambuilding Toolkit does not claim to offer a step-by-step, magical formula for creating a successful team overnight.

Higher Aspirations, 2009

Member Price: $90.00
Non-Member Price: $110.00