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“Operational Planning” (e-Book)

No organisation can afford everything it would like to do or have. Priorities must be established, and resources (in the broadest sense of the word) need to be allocated.

The essence of operational planning is to ensure that what you and everyone else is doing in the organisation collectively achieves your goals. It is entirely possible to be very busy, in fact overworked, but all this effort is expended on little or nothing of value to achieve the organisation’s goals.

This E-book provides:

  • Information about where operational plans ‘fit’ into the business cycle and other key planning documents.
  • Some clues about the type of information and knowledge needed to feed into this form of planning.
  • A template by which you can develop a basic but still effective operational plan.

J. Leigh & Associates, 2010

Member Price: $35.00
Non-Member Price: $50.00