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Driver Training Modules – 4 in total

Is driving part of your business?

Do you need to?

  • Orientate new staff or volunteers
  • Provide regular and ongoing professional development of any staff required to drive in completing their work tasks
  • Focus on specific topic(s) in response to an identified skills or knowledge gap
  • Understand the agency’s risk related to staff or client transport

TDSA’s Driver/Escort Training – Self-Help Guides are non-accredited training, self-paced workbooks (including key resource documents) to train  your organisation’s staff (whether paid or volunteer) who either use their own or your agency’s cars for work or Community Transport drivers and escorts to a standard considered best practice.                                                   Click here to download an order form



Module 1    Orientation 

This module covers  broader agency topics (e.g. professional boundaries, complaints/compliments) relevant to the transport task.

Module 2    Induction

This module becomes more specific to the transport task, including topics such as driver fatigue, seatbelts, using privately owned cars etc.

Module 3    Day-to-day Operations

This module drills down to the tasks required to be completed  daily and monthly e.g. vehicle checks, hazard notification etc.

Module 4    Professional Development

This module aims to provide a number of refresher opportunities for drivers to ensure their skills and knowledge of such things as road rules, driving skills remain current.



Module 1 – Orientation     $30.00  /  $40.00 + GST

Module 2 – Induction       $40.00  /  $50.00 +GST

Module 3 – Day‐to‐day Operations  $40.00  /  $50.00 + GST

Module 4 – Ongoing Professional Development  $15.00  /  $25.00 +GST

All 4 modules as a suite – 25% discounted price of    $100.00  /  $130.00 +GST

Statement of Attainment extra $10 per completed module                     + $15 for postage & handling

Payment options

1.  Cheque: Made payable to TDSA Ltd

2.  Direct credit: TDSA Ltd BSB: 633000      Acc. No. 175289875