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Who is TDSA Ltd

We are a  not-for-profit, community-based company limited-by-guarantee committed to assisting individuals / consumers to find responses to their unmet transport, access and mobility needs.

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We  were formerly named Transport Development and Solutions Alliance Inc. (IA37363) and on 16th March 2020 we moved to become TDSA Limited.

Why TDSA exists

Transport is a fundamental need of all people. And yet, in every community, there are individuals and groups whose quality of life is diminished because they cannot access suitable and affordable alternatives to the private motor vehicle and mainstream public transport.

Developing and implementing sustainable transport solutions at the local or community level is essential to closing the gaps in the mass transport system that give rise to this situation.

To successfully work on solutions to unmet transport, access and mobility needs in a community and for each individual requires access to, and support from others who have the knowledge, skills and most importantly, experience in doing this work;  TDSA can be that support to you.


People have access and transport choice to enable participation in their lifestyle of choice.


TDSA’s main charitable and benevolent purpose is the relief of poverty or distress by providing benevolent relief to individuals in serious need of disability support and aged care services, by assisting them gain equitable access to the government support they need.

TDSA will pursue its main charitable purpose by undertaking activities such as:

  • providing individual-specific advice to identify what available transport solutions/options there are for individuals in serious need of disability support and aged care services that addresses their specific unmet transport task in their geographic location;
  • providing individual-specific assistance to individuals in serious need of disability support and aged care services to complete ancillary transport-related application forms including but not limited to Disability Parking Permits and Taxi Subsidy Scheme supports;
  • education and training that is targeted or directed at assisting those individuals in need of disability support and aged care services and provided to relieve the needs of those individuals;
  • entering into collaborative relationships with other PBI disability support and aged care service providers targeted or directed at collaboratively assisting those individuals in collaborative partners’ organisations in need of disability support and aged care services and provided to relieve the needs of those individuals
  • providing hands-on support and relief to those individuals who are suffering distress where policies or processes of government disability and aged care agencies are denying, limiting, or restricting access to equitable government support they need; and
  • making representations and submissions on behalf of those individuals to State and Federal Governments and agencies on matters incidental or ancillary to the main benevolent purpose.


 Our values

We will work collaboratively and respectfully, valuing diversity of opinion and experience, in ways that are credible, professional and effective.

To facilitate easy access to transport that meets the individual’s and community’s needs thereby enhancing the quality of life.

 Our goals

Individual Transport Solutions

To equip individuals either directly or indirectly via their support agency with whom TDSA has a Collaboration Partnership Agreement, to respond to their individual unmet transport needs.

Education and Resources

To develop and provide quality training and resources that are effective and practical, with sessions offered targeted to either agencies or via public forums to individuals or consumers direct.

Policy / Research

To inform transport, access and mobility planning and decision-making.


To build a sustainable, efficient organisation that enacts our objects

 Code of Ethics

TDSA consumers and members can expect from this organisation:

  • To be treated fairly and ethically regardless of financial, ethnic, religious status
  • Up to date information
  • Providing services which are lawful and in your best interests
  • That everyone has information and access to a complaints procedure

 Our History

The Transport Development and Solutions Alliance (TDSA) arose from the merger in 2007 of two unincorporated entities – Unmet Transport Needs Forum and the Head Heart Hands network. These two entities had been working on addressing the transport, access and mobility needs of Queenslanders in differing ways since 1998.

The Unmet Transport Needs Forum (UTNF) undertook key research, hosted annual ‘community chats’ and co-convened the 2003 and 1999 Community Transport conferences. The UTNF was a coalition of organisations and individuals sharing a concern about the impact of unmet transport needs upon the lives and well being of Queenslanders and Queensland communities.

The Head Heart Hands Network aimed at bringing together those people working on addressing transport, mobility and access issues in their community. At these 4-monthly meetings, these practitioners could share information, develop new skills and gain information about changes at a policy level.

TDSA officially incorporated in August 2009.

TDSA in 2016 created the business name – Transformative Training.

In March 2020, TDSA Inc moved to become TDSA Ltd and at this time closed Transformative Training as it could now trade across all states of Australia.